BookBub’s Top 10 Book Marketing Articles in 2021

  1. BookBub's 2021 Top 10 Book Marketing ArticlesHow I Make Six Figures as a Self-Published Author
  2. 9 Reasons a Book Was Rejected for a BookBub Featured Deal
  3. Bookstagrams of Ebooks: 38 Stunning Examples You Must See
  4. 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your BookBub Ads Targeting
  5. 5 Buzz-Building Tips from an Instant NYT Bestselling Debut
  6. Authors on Social Media: Choosing Platforms & Avoiding Burnout
  7. 6 Outside-the-Box Book Marketing Ideas You HAVE to See
  8. 21 Authors on TikTok to Follow for Book Promo Ideas (& LOLs)
  9. How to Market Your Book to Get Worldwide Exposure
  10. 17 Instagram Book Promotion Ideas from Publishers
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