BookBub Trends: Tropes Readers Love in Speculative Fiction

Popular Tropes in Speculative Fiction
BookBub Trends: Speculative Fiction

I don’t usually wander from the business of writing because that’s often the biggest challenge for artistic types who would prefer to spend their time writing to navigating the technical challenges of publishing. Most of this site is about the latter, and not about writing per se. This post, therefore, is the first of its kind on this blog, as it pertains to the craft of writing. It also pertains to audience and platform targeting, however, and in that sense is about integrating your craft into the present-day realities of business and marketing.

BookBub has several Featured Deals categories that fall under the speculative fiction umbrella. You may find yourself wondering not only which category is the best fit for your book, but also how to maximize your chances of getting selected for a Featured Deal based on what our editors and readers are currently looking for. As BookBub editors, we’re here to help by taking a deep dive into four of our speculative fiction categories: Horror, Supernatural Suspense, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

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