Start building your fanbase before you finish your book.  AWeber is the email list building tool of choice for the online marketing service I’m using but you can also use it independently.  Any way you go, signing up with a list builder is an important step in the marketing side of authorship in the digital age.

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My old VPN caused problems. This one solves them.

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Our Mission empowers individual authors to:

  • build up a fanbase
  • produce their work
  • prepare a manuscript for the various digital publishing platforms
  • stage a book launch
  • establish an evergreen marketing campaign

Our flagship product, an eBook itself, is a step-by-step guide to preparing your eBook for digital publication. Now in the final stages of production, it will soon be offered here. Check back later for further developments.

Meanwhile, follow the links above to get started in building up your readership in the Digital Ages of publishing. This is the work that publishers used to do back in the pre-internet Dark Ages of publishing, which is literally an extension of the actual Dark Ages when only Bibles were considered suitable for publication.  And guess who ramped up the demand for Bibles leading up to the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg around 1440 — why Holy Mother Church, of course.  Here at, we strive to operate more peacefully and productively for the benefit of believers and non-believers alike.

Nowadays, authors are free to be their own publishers, a freedom which brings with it the responsibility to take up the various functions of publishing should they choose to exercise this newfound freedom. Chief among these responsibilities is marketing. Fortunately along with the freedoms afforded by the internet comes the automation afforded by internet software.  It’s too late for traditional publishers to learn this new technology because it renders them obsolete.

Welcome to the Age of Set and Forget!


Next Steps…

Follow the links above to start building your readership or market audience.

Check back regularly for new ways to organize and grow your reading audience — and of course for the launch of our flagship self-referential eBook on how to publish, launch and market an eBook.  I’ll endeavor to make it clear and easy to follow — if anything, the antithesis of a Gordian Knot or of a labyrinth of paradoxes entangled in strange loops.  It will guide you simply from start to finish, from blank page to your first sale, from alpha to omega.  That’s one grand loop I’ve already been around many times, and it epitomizes the author’s journey in the boundless, sunlit and sometimes dizzying realms of the Digital Ages.