Upcoming title on data backup strategies
Backup strategies for mobile entrepreneurs

Squirrels don’t talk much but have a lot to teach us about protecting our data. Their compulsive scatter hoarding behaviors don’t seem to accomplish much because they don’t, really. Their value is in what they prevent. Just as no squirrel ever went hungry for lack of midwinter snacks, so no one who keeps media discipline need ever sit alone with a blank stare for having lost all their data.

Be the squirrel who sees the Spring, the soldier who protects the battle plan, the accountant who never drops a digit, the code warrior who comes out ahead, the content creator who never loses an asset or the eBook creator who moves their authoring career only ever forward. Keep everything from your earliest digital creations to your financial databases to your latest hot projects safe from the ever-present spectre and yawning maw of Total Data Loss.

Back Up Your Data! lays it all out for you based on a lifetime of personal and industry experience.

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