How to Publish an eBook

COMING SOON:A step-by step guidebook for those who’ve written an eBook in Word and would rather breeze through the electronic publishing steps than get mired down in a nascent and rapidly-changing technology. Each edition will be marked on the cover with the year of publication so that you’ll know how current it is. It’s the ultimate self-referential eBook about how it came to be.  I follow it every time I update it and update it every time I follow it.  If it could think, it might say “I am, therefore I must be pretty close to spot-on”.

The pipeline concept figures prominently in this modern age of digital content production. In the movie industry, for example, a visual effects artist works within a digital production pipeline. After accepting an unfinished movie scene or visual sequence from the pipeline manager or from another contributor, the artist applies his or her technique to the sequence and returns the updated segment to the pipeline for use by the next artist.

An eBook author need not be so specialized and can do all of the work along the pipeline using different software tools at each stage of production.  Write the book using Word, then use ePub conversion and previewing tools to polish the finished product for a particular publishing platform such as those put in place by Amazon, Apple or Barnes & Noble.

The antithesis of the industry-standard breathless cheerleading peppered with a mesmerizing array of useful tips and tricks, this new instructional eBook marks out a proven, stepwise eBook publication procedure into which you may integrate any number of useful tips and tricks.